Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Youngest prostitute

Child prostitution has always existed in history. Temple harlots were as young as six and seven; and in China boys as young as four years were trained "in the fine art of passive pederasty;" girl and boy brothels were common in the ancient world and in more modern times also. The Chinese boy prostitutes were sanctified by Tcheou-Wang, God of Sodomy. Without doubt the youngest prostitutes of all were the babies in the brothels of ancient Rome. It has been noted that "sucking babes" were introduced into the brothels. The Emperor Domitian was praised when he attempted to stamp out all forms of infant prostitution. In the Japanese Yoshiwara or Whores' Quarter, little girls were kept for fellatio. The high-status geishas, contrary to some imaginings, were only available for vaginal coitus.

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